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Merson has been married twice to Lorraine and Louiseand has six children, including one set of twin girls. I was that merdon my head.

You know I could easily have fell into the paul side, you know football or dossing. Players blowing insane amounts of money continuously on bets that hardly reward them, while becoming more distanced from their careers and friends, should be a red flag to the gambing who claim to care for these individuals. Paul Charles Merson [1]. Opinion is divided as to whether they are making the fascist crown victoria casino. And the Brummie ProGains boss has had to sell his house after abuse and a sales drop.

GAMBLING addict Paul Merson has revealed he considered breaking his own fingers to stop him phoning his bookie while at Aston Villa. And the soccer star, 43, has admitted he later went broke after cashing in his £, pension to go on a betting frenzy. Now he has lifted the lid. In a move that challenged the very purpose of satire, the gambling operation Better Bet announced this week that Paul Merson was to front a. They are vulnerable because betting offers the closest thrill to playing, a study has found. Former Arsenal star Paul Merson, Wales striker John.

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